Government of the Republic of Serbia Appoints New Managing Board of the National Theatre in Belgrade

At the session of 20th December, the Government of the Republic of Serbia appointed new Managing Board of the National Theatre in Belgrade. 

Mrs Jasna Dimitrijević, Manager of Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, Belgrade, will be the new President of the Managing Board.

Newly appointed members are Nikola Mijailović, full-time Professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and opera singer; Ašhen Ataljanc, prima ballerina and founder of Dance School “Ašhen Ataljanc“; Dr Filip Bojić, Docent at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade of the University of Belgrade; Marko Čkonjević, Manager in culture with vast experience in marketing and communication in the sphere of culture and founder of “Fame Solutions“, Belgrade; and from the National Theatre staff, Dejan Kolarov, soloist in the Ballet, and Jasna Nuhović, Bachelor of Law. 

“Appointment of members of the Managing Board is a continuation of constitution of the National Theatre’s management, which shall modernise our national theatre, introduce more diverse production, establish better international cooperation and joint production and develop educational programmes. Modernisation of Theatre’s operations requires improvements in conditions of functioning, which means reconstruction of a part of infrastructure and better work organisation”, was stipulated in the Announcement issued by the Government.