Performative lecture and Workshop Imanuel Schipper (Rimini Protokoll) 26th and 27th February “Raša Plaović” stage, National Theatre in Belgrade

Performative lecture Relational dramaturgies and staged post-democracy in Rimini Protokoll’s “State 1–4”

Lecturer: Imanuel Schipper  

February 26th (Tuesday), 20.30, “Raša Plaović” stage, National theatre in Belgrade. 

Free tickets are to be collected at the box office of the National theatre in Belgrade. 
The lecture will be held in English, with simultaneous translation available. 

During the lecture, the audience will have a chance to learn about the work of the performance group Rimini Protokoll ( and their new production – tetralogy “State 1-4” which was realized in the collaboration of four theatre and one exhibition space.

Imanuel Schiper, dramaturgue that has worked with the group for a number of projects, will speak about their praxis and specific approach to contemporary performance. In the tetralogy State 1-4 (2016-18), Rimini Protokoll focuses on post democratic phenomena such as the global network of intelligence, construction sites and lobbyism, digitalisation of democracy and the interweaving structures of global companies and politics. For each of this rather political contents a special setting not only for an aesthetic space experience was constructed but also an unique way of how to address, organise and guide the audience through the theatre event. Different strategies of participation and interaction come into action in order to generate an immersive experience.

Workshop “Relational dramaturgies and strategies of interactivities”
Workshop leader: Imanuel Schipper 

February 27th (Wednesday), 10.30 – 15.30, “Raša Plaović” stage, National theatre in Belgrade

The workshop will be held in English. 

This workshop will discuss different dramaturgies of staging the publics and tries to connect that to different notions of the concept of post-democracy. Furthermore, strategies of interactivity of a performance, as well as the notion of relational dramaturgies will be explored.

The workshop is designed for:
• theatre and performing arts students – acting, directing, dramaturgy
• theatre practitioners
• arts students and social sciences students 
• artists and experts interested in work of Rimini Protokoll and in participatory theatre

To register for the workshop, please send your short CV (up to 150 words) and your contact details to

Imanuel Schipper is a lecturer and researcher at different universities and art academies in Germany and Switzerland. He also works as a dramaturg for the well-known German Performance group, Rimini Protokoll with whom, over many years, he has developed a contemporary way of documentary theatre as intervention, as political think tanks. Most recently he has been the dramaturg for „ State 1-4“ a tetralogy on post-democratic phenomena. 
Imanuel Schipper works on the interface between scientific research, teaching, and artistic practice. His work seeks to analyse such terms as “theatricality“, “performativity“, “dramaturgy“, “staging“, “reception“ and “mediality“ – coming from the theatre studies – beyond the boundaries of the theatre, for example in design, urban design, scenography and curation. He holds a deputy professorship on Performance Studies and Dramaturgy at the Department Arts & Social Change at the Medical School Hamburg (MSH). He has been on the board of directors of Performance Studies international (PSi) and delivers his dissertation on “Relational Dramaturges” at Leuphana University Lüneburg.