Deutsches Theatre from Berlin Tours with All Adventurous Women Do, Written by Tanja Šljivar and Directed by Salome Dastmalchi, on the “Raša Plaović” Stage

One of the most renowned German and European theatres, Deutsches Theatre from Berlin, had a guest performance of All Adventurous Women Do, a play written by Tanja Šljivar and directed by Salome Dastmalchi, on the “Raša Plaović” Stage on 30th May

The guest performance took place within provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement between the two theatres, signed in Berlin on 14th February this year by Ms Ivana Vujić, Acting General Manager of the National Theatre, and Mr Ulrich Khuon, Director of the Deutsches Theatre.  

This guest performance of the renowned German theatre in the National Theatre followed 17 years after the previous one, when they performed Emilia Galotti by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, directed by Michael Thalheilmer, on the Main Stage in November 2002.

Tanja Šljivar based her so far most complex and probably most striking play, All Adventurous Women Do, on a true story about seven thirteen-year-old girls who became pregnant on a school excursion several years ago in a town in Republika Srpska.

After church, state, school and media stated their opinions on the case, the author decided to give voice to protagonists themselves, or more accurately, to the irrational energy of youth, through exciting fragments, ambiguous retrospections and intriguing options, that represent the conflict between the principle of life (birth) and the principle of freedom (choice to have an abortion). The Stage Director, Dastmalchi, functionally completes this search for identity, transferring the play into the level of a collective ritual combined with touching documentary improvisations of actors in the ascetically designed set.

The roles have been interpreted by Peter Steden (Ana), Eren Gundar (Ena), Livia Marlene Wolf (Ina), Marthe Muller Lutken (Ona), Chenoa North-Harder (Una), Emmi Buter (Lea) and Bruno Liebler (Mia).

Birgit Lengers is a dramaturge, Paula Wellmann designed the set and costumes and Niloufar Shahisavandi designed choreography.

A press conference was held in the foyer of the Second Gallery during the day of the performance, and later on, Director Dastmalchi, with support of Goethe Institute from Belgrade, held a masterclass titled “It’s All about Emotions – Theatre Is Life”.