Renowned Serbian Actor Petar Božović Works Again in the National Theatre after Two and a Half Decades

With the role of Ahmed in Hassan-Aga’s Wife by Ljubomir Simović, renowned Serbian actor, Petar Božović, has made a comeback to the National Theatre’s stage after a two-and-a-half-decade long break.

The cult performance, directed by Jagoš Marković, was given at the “Raša Plaović” Stage on 2nd February, and Božović took over the role which was interpreted by recently deceased Predrag Ejdus, who passed away in September last year.

In the hall filled to capacity, the audience rewarded Božović and other actors with a cordial applause and shouts “Bravo”.

Simultaneously, as a sign of welcome, his colleagues from the cast gave the renowned actor an applause together with the audience.

In Simović’s version of Hassan-Aga’s Wife, a well-known ballade about sad destiny of a Turkish nobleman’s wife written in 1774, the title role is interpreted by Vanja Ejdus, Hassan-Aga is Nenad Stojemenović, and the rest of the cast include Radmila Živković (Hassan-Aga’s Mother), Aleksandar Srećković (Count Pintorović), Aleksandra Nikolić (Pintorović’s Mother), Darko Tomović (Jusuf Efendi), Ivan Ivanov (Suljo, a soldier), Bojan Krivokapić (Huso, a soldier) and Stefan Buzurović (Musa).

It was 133rd performance of the play since its premiere that took place at the “Fifth Floor” Stage on 30th December 2001.

Director Marković also did the music selection, Boris Maksimović designed the set and Bojana Nikitović designed the costumes.

Božović was a permanent member of the National Theatre’s Drama Company in period between 1st September 1984 and 1st February 1994; during that period, he performed in five productions in which he created very distinguished roles.

First of his roles was in Confiteor by Slobodan Šnajder, which premiered on 1st March 1985. The play was directed by Janez Pipan who entrusted Božović with the roles of Béla Kun and Commissioner.

Božović interpreted the role of Zarathustra, an old wiseman who descends from a mountain to learn from people and bestow his knowledge on people, the hero of Nietzsche’s philosophical novel Thus Spoke Zarathustra, in the play of the same name, directed by Nađa Janjetović, which premiered on 15th February 1986.

To years later, on 6th March, Božović interpreted the title role in play Apis, directed by Dejan Mijač after Miodrag Mija Ilić’s text.

In the English Renaissance tragedy, The Duchess of Malfi, directed by Ivana Vujić, which premiered on 18th February 1990, Božović interpreted the role of Ferdinand.

Božović’s last premiere in the National Theatre took place the following year, on 23rd May 1991. It was Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck, directed by Nikola Jevtić, in which he interpreted one of main characters – photographer Hjalmar Ekdal.