Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Ballet Swan Lake, Choreographed and Directed by Konstantin Kostyukov, Premieres on the Main Stage

New choreography staging of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake, after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov’s version, premiered on the Main Stage on 2nd June.

Choreographer and director, Konstantin Kostyukov, staged a classical version of this famous ballet, which was the fifth staging of this ballet in history of the National Theatre, while the costume and set designer, a renowned Italian fashion designer Renato Balestra, introduced a whole new range of colours that made the ballet story visually like a fairy tale, without reference to any moment in history.

“My choreography is different when compared to previous ones, especially when music is concerned. Tchaikovsky wrote more than four hours of music for the ballet, probably to leave an option for choreographers to make their own selection. His music is superb, full of symphonic parts. This is why I wish for a body to be just like a music instrument, to convey music with movement. This has been the fifth staging of Swan Lake in the National Theatre; however, all five versions differ from each other. I added several new pieces, like Russian Dance, and I have significantly changed and improved the role of Rothbart”, said Kostyukov before the premiere.

In the hall filled to capacity, the audience enjoyed watching this gem of classic repertory and rewarded the performers with a long and cordial applause and shouts of “Bravo”.

Tatjana Tatić interpreted the gentle and tender Odette and the malicious and demonic Odile, Igor Pastor interpreted Prince Siegfried and Jovica Begojev interpreted Count Rothbart.

The whole ensemble of the Ballet and the Orchestra of the National Theatre in Belgrade took part in the performance under the baton of maestro Đorđe Pavlović.

The essence of this anthology piece, which Tchaikovsky never expected to become the esoteric, magical, forcefully expressive and most frequently performed ballet piece in history, is represented in vows of love and deceit, maturing through making decisions, human duality, cunningness, sacrifice, unifying in fictive death and apotheosis of ideal love.

Duška Dragičević has been assistant choreographer and Marija Vještica, Paša Musić, Tamara Ivanović and Konstantin Tešea have been rehearsal associates for this production.

Branislava Pljaskić, a stage manager, marked 25 years of her career in the National Theatre on occasion of this premiere.

First staging of Swan Lake in the National Theatre in Belgrade, choreographed by Aleksandar Fortunato, took place in 1925.