Opera The Melancholic Dreams of Count Sava Vladisavljević by Svetislav Božić, under the baton of Đorđe Pavlović, directed by Aleksandar Nikolić and choreographed by Aleksandar Ilić, will premiere on the Main Stage on Saturday, 28th February.
The cast: Ivan Tomašev (Sava Vladislavić), Marko Kalajanović (Nikola Tesla), Sanja Kerkez  (Ellen, Muse, White Dove), Jadranka Jovanović (Empress, Angel of Temptation), Nenad Čiča (Emperor, Young Tesla) Igor Matvejev (Meandžić), Slobodan Živković (Buda)...
Orchestra, Choir and Ballet Company of the National Theatre in Belgrade take part in the performance.
The libretto is based on the life of Count Sava Vladislavić – Ragusinski (1668 – 1738), a Russian diplomat of Serbian origin at the court of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great and Catherine I.
Emperor Peter the Great trusted his abilities and, amongst other tasks, requested him to define the border between Russia and China.
Also, one of interesting facts from Sava’s life is that he initiated building of the first Orthodox church in China.
Vladislavić was one of the most influential and richest people of his time in Russia and a founder of Russian intelligence service.
In his statement for the National Theatre’s website, the stage director said that he and the conductor and choreographer tell a story, through melancholic dreams of this great man and guided by the composer’s idea, about successes and problems of a nation, its heroism and togetherness, but also about its mistakes and illusions.
“Ingenious men, just as Count Sava was, are capable to look into the past and future in their dreams, just like prophets,” says Nikolić.
Boris Maksimović designed the set, Katarina Grčić designed the costumes, while Petar Antonović was in charge of the video design.
Svetislav Božić is a professor at the Faculty of Music Art at the University of Belgrade, and he undoubtedly is one of the most significant Serbian composers.
Božić wrote more than 200 compositions of various genres - soloist, chamber, choir, orchestra and vocal-instrumental pieces.