50th performance of Hedda Gabler, after the text by renowned Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen, directed by Snežana Trišić, took place on the "Raša Plaović" Stage on Thursday, 12th June.
Since its opening on 20th February 2011, the production has inspired much interest with audiences with its superb text, very good directing and outstanding cast.
The title role has been interpreted persuasively by the principal actress of the National Theatre, Ms. Nataša Ninković. The actress won several important recognitions for her interpretation, including the „Raša Plaović“ Award for best actress on Belgrade stages in season 2010/2011. The production itself was proclaimed best production at the “Theatre in Single Action” Festival in Mladenovac the following year.
Depressed, frustrated, and a supporter of patriarchal social values and relationships, Mrs. Hedda is a direct victim of the same. She is a woman with tragic life; she makes a series of wrong decisions based on social circumstances, essential issues, heritage and relentless economic battle for status…
Besides Nataša Ninković, excellent interpretations are also given by Aleksandar Đurica (Jorgen Tesman), Olga Odanović (Miss Juliana Tesman), Anastasia Mandić (Mrs. Elvsted), Ljubomir Bandović (Judge Brack) and Nebojša Dugalić (Eilert Lovborg).
Ibsen, as a recognized and outstanding critic of family and social issues of his time, focuses his attention to individuality of a young woman and creates a moving drama of identity crisis in this play.
Hedda is a classic, and the power of such plays is that they are always relevant, regardless of the time.