New staging of renowned Shakespeare’s play Richard the Third, directed by Snežana Trišić, premiered on the Main Stage on 24th April, 25 years after the previous premiere of the same play, which was staged by Vida Ognjenović.
Relevance of Richard the Third is in its everlasting significance and unavoidability of such characters in history, while their recognizable methods, rhetoric and ideology make this play relevant today.
The play was written late in the sixteenth century; it is about short rule of Richard the Third, the last English king who died in the battlefield (the Battle of Bosworth, 1485), whose death meant the end of the Wars of the Roses between dynasties of York and Lancaster, after which Tudors took the throne of England. Everything that marked that cruel age happened during two short years of Richard’s rule: merciless fight for supremacy, ominous principles of power, goals justifying all means, even the everlasting appeal of evil…
The new staging of the play questions a time characterized by evil, hatred, obsessive striving for power, wars led in the name of peace, time in which civilization collapses when Richard becomes a maestro of such order in which evil rules and survives, in which evil becomes a requirement for existence…
The stage director adapted the play together with dramaturges, Slavko Milanović and Slobodan Obradović.
“We followed the basic plot, but we had to discard some subplots. We were interested to observe Duke of Gloucester – Richard the Third’s rise to the throne and his descend from it and everything that comprises structures and methods that lead to it. It has been observed from the perspective of modern time, but we gave our best effort to make the play bridge the time of Shakespeare’s play and our time, as well as to question the essential motifs and instincts that lead to evil, which is obviously still present today, it survives and damages the civilisation,” says Trišić, who staged the play Bizarre in the National Theatre several years ago with a lot of success as well.
Igor Đorđević, a principal actor of the Drama Company, who interprets the title role, a role of the bloodthirsty tyrant, a hunchback monster and one of the greatest villains in Shakespeare’s plays, was rewarded with a long and cordial applause at the premiere.  
The audience also gave a long and cordial applause to the rest of the cast during the curtain calls. The cast: Nebojša Dugalić (King Edward), Nela Mihajlović (Elizabeth), Nataša Ninković (Margaret), Bojan Žirović (Clarence), Aleksandar Srećković (Richmond), Gojko Baletić (Rivers), Aleksandar Đurica (Duke of Buckingham), Vanja Ejdus (Lady Anne), Svetlana Bojković (Duchess of York), Miloš Đorđević (Hastings), Pavle Jerinić (Catesby) and Branko Jerinić (Archbishop/Mayor).
Students, Ivan Marković (First Assassin) and Miodrag Dragičević (Second Assassin) also take part in the performance together with musicians who play Irena Popović Dragović’s music live – Đorđe Antić, Aleksandar Benčić, Vladimir Jotić, Aleksandar Jokić, Đorđe Jokić, Nikola Veličković and Miša Jovanović.
A Macedonian artist, Valentin Svetozarev is a set designer, Marina Medenica Vukasović is a costume designer, while Ljiljana Mrkić Popović has been in charge of stage speech.
The team of associates: Olga Mrđenović (assistant costume designer), Jasna Saramandić (assistant set designer), Vuk Miletić (executive producer), Natalija Ignjić (organizer), Saša Tanasković (stage manager), Danica Stevanović (prompter) and Sara Bubalo (organizer in training).